As a product designer at Facebook, I create tools and advertiser experiences in Ads Manager for the Video Ads team.


A lot of advertisers who are using Facebook to promote their business or products do not have video assets or the resources to invest in them.

How might we help advertisers easily create strong performing video ads without the high cost and time investment needed to create videos?


The Video Creation Kit is an advertiser tool that helps the advertiser easily create videos from their existing image assets.

By using a templated approach, advertisers can quickly create and run video ads using only images without having to spend a lot of time and/or money.

Who are we solving for?

Currently the Video Creation Kit only supports creating a video from base image assets; as a result, a lot of small and medium sized businesses are using this tool primarily.


The Video Creation Kit is a zero to one product that now contributes to millions of revenue for Facebook. Learn More.