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Peer : Mixed Reality Education

How might we leverage VR/AR technology in order to create utility beyond the entertainment industry?

Traditional education has a difficult time engaging students when it comes to learning complex, invisible, and abstract science concepts. As a team of four designers we wanted to explore different ways in which this technology can enhance the current learning experience which is difficult and complex.

Research Insights

Maker education helps students develop softskills in ways that traditional education can't - Successful collaboration comes from buy in of shared responsibilities - Learning comes from the process and not the final product.

As a group we decided to interview educators and students in order to understand where we can fit VR/AR technology in the classroom and education. After gathering all of our interviews we synthesized our data and generated some of the key insights that we wanted to hit. We wanted to hit these three aspects with our product:

The Idea

A mixed reality educational platform that engages students by making abstract and complex forces visible and tangible.

Rather than a single idea, we wanted to create an educational platform that can enhance the learning experience of kids aged from 9-15 that are learning complex subjects. We decided to focus on aerodynamics, but the platform can be scaled to include topics like molecular bonds, gravity, acceleration and speed, and even sound. Our platform comes in the form of a kit which included three basic parts: Internet Enabled Sensor, Digital Headset, and Building Materials.

Here is a sample storyboard for the aerodynamics lesson that we came up with: Aerodynamics Storyboard

Final Concept

Process Photos

Persona's helped us understand our users and the way they might interact with our education experience.

After identifying the different stages of learning engagement we ran our persona's against each stage.

Ideation sketches for each of the learning engagement phases for our experience.

Acting out our storyboard allowed us to understand what works in 3D - While having fun at the same time

Some photos from our demo experience.

Thanks for reading!